Care Mentor AI detects COVID-19 in Ivanovo

Care Mentor AI detects COVID-19 in Ivanovo

The computed tomography, which is installed in the city clinical hospital No. 4 and is used to examine patients with suspected COVID-19, was equipped with artificial intelligence for diagnostics. This allows to automate the diagnostic process and assist radiologists with release of an interpretation on the severity of the disease and significantly reduce the examination time. AI has already passed the first run-in.

Care Mentor AI is a service based on computer vision technologies and artificial neural networks that helps determine the main signs of COVID-19 with maximum accuracy, including automatically calculating the percentage of lung damage and issuing an opinion on the severity of the damage.

It also significantly reduces the examination time. If the doctor usually spends 25 to 40 minutes to analyze the results of a study of one patient (and even more if the case is serious), then Care Mentor AI allows you to get the result in 5-8 minutes. This will help avoid CT queues and reduce patient waiting times. In addition, decisions are made more quickly on the further routing of patients. Also, the automatic calculation of the volume of lung damage makes it possible to assess the dynamics of pathological changes in the lungs with maximum accuracy. AI is capable of working 24/7 and is, in fact, a tireless assistant to the doctor.

Artur Fokin, director of the health department of the Ivanovo region, noted that the Care Mentor AI innovative technology allows the use of low-dose tomography, as well as ensuring high accuracy of the diagnosis. “And the assessment of the patient's condition in dynamics is also very important in order to see in which direction the disease is developing. This enables the doctor to make adjustments to the treatment regimen. I see further perspectives for cooperation with Care Mentor AI services,” said Arthur Fokin.