Care Mentor AI introduces a new product to fight COVID-19

Care Mentor AI introduces a new product to fight COVID-19

Care Mentor AI is ready to fight the main disease of 2020, Coronavirus. Our new product — «Mentor: CovidCT» — a service based on Artificial Intelligence for the detection of COVID-19 in CT studies. 

«Mentor: CovidCT» is ready to launch to help doctors.  Our product is designed to deal with a huge workload of doctors, taking on the solution of routine tasks. The system is based on a segmentation model of computer vision, which with high accuracy determines the percentage and degree of the lung damage by the main radiological features of COVID-19:
• Pulmonary Fields (IoU 0.95)
• Symptom frosted glass (IoU 0.81+)
• Consolidation (IoU 0.82)
• Pleural effusion (IoU 0.85)
• Cobblestone Syndrome (IoU 0.9)

This product is also invited to join the Moscow AI experiment and it is already undergoing technical and clinical trials. Join webinar to discuss this groundbreaking Experiment here: Date: June 4, 2020. 18:00-19:30 GMT+1.

This experiment is a unique large-scale event that involves more than 200 radiologists and 100 medical imaging devices started this year in Moscow, Russia. This Experiment's primary goal is to study possibilities and determine the practical value of computer vision and AI-based software in the daily clinical practice of radiology departments. 

The Experiment consists of 4 stages:
  1. Preparation/application
  2. Technical integration
  3. Real-time analysis of radiological studies
  4. Grant payment

 Our first product «Chest X-ray Screening» is on the stage 3: Real-time analysis of radiological studies. We were one of the first who reached this stage. This product will pass FDA submission soon. Care Mentor AI at the forefront of the Experiment of the Moscow Ministry of Health. According to the results of the experiment, companies will have the opportunity to implement in the medical organizations of the city of Moscow. 
Ilya Plisko, CEO of Care Mentor AI: “This Experiment is the first official platform where AI solutions for radiologists will be objectively evaluated on the market. We were one of the first who managed to collect the required set of documents and met high selection standards, which indicates a high degree of product readiness.”

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