Care Mentor AI service entered the digital ecosystem of SberMedAI

Care Mentor AI service entered the digital ecosystem of SberMedAI

SberMedAI and the Russian developer of neural network platforms LLC Care Mentor AI have agreed to launch joint projects for the digitalization of Russian healthcare. Already in 2021, advanced software products for radiation diagnostics based on artificial intelligence (AI) will be introduced in medical clinics in Russia.

The first ecosystem for the development of AI in healthcare in Russia - SberMedAI - not only offers its own services in healthcare, but also integrates the developments of Russian leading companies. The first open market participant to join the ecosystem is Care Mentor AI LLC. The developed neural network system Care Mentor AI for determining pathologies of the chest organs will be integrated into the SberMedAI ecosystem and will soon become available to users. Integration of advanced services on a single platform will allow building and implementing effective systems to support medical decision-making, as well as provide new opportunities for scaling digital services of development companies throughout Russia.

The computer vision system analyzes the medical image, determines the probabilities of pathologies, and prioritizes cases with pathological findings for physicians. This mode allows healthcare professionals to focus more quickly on difficult cases in x-ray examinations, to reduce the time to make a final diagnostic decision, and to increase personal efficiency and productivity.

The Care Mentor AI system has already been implemented in a number of regions of Russia and in the future can be used to automate the diagnostic process at the scale of the department, the entire medical organization, as well as in general for the digitalization of medical care in Russia. The partners' plans include cooperation on digitalization of prophylactic medical examination programs in Russian regions. And by the end of 2021, partner integration is expected across the entire line of services of the Care Mentor AI platform.

The SberMedAI platform today unites the best developments in the field of AI for healthcare. Cooperation with LLC “Care Mentor AI” will allow us to offer our clients a high-quality and effective solution that helps a doctor in the analysis of medical radiation images. I am sure that the product will be highly demanded by the professional community.
Ekaterina Kolomentseva
Managing Director of the Center for Medical Products and Services of Sberbank

Automation tools can significantly reduce the degree of routine burden on the doctor, help in the detection of non-obvious details, and act as an additional guarantor of error protection. We are confident that our synergy with SberMedAI will help a large number of doctors and patients in Russia.
Inna Moroz
CBDO "Care Mentor AI"

For us, as a system integrator of advanced AI solutions for healthcare, it is especially important to sign an agreement with Care Mentor AI, whose developments have already won the favor of the medical community and are widely used, in particular, within the framework of the Moscow experiment on introducing AI into healthcare. The state registration of software as a medical device has brought closer the introduction of new technology into clinical practice throughout Russia, which will undoubtedly be helped by connecting to our ecosystem. It is open for joining other market participants whom we invite for cooperation.
Igal Zak
General Director of SberMedAI company

We are pleased to start working with such a backbone enterprise as SberMedII in order to more efficiently and quickly provide state hospitals in Russian regions with advanced computer vision technologies. Neural network technologies will facilitate the diagnosis process by acting as an electronic doctor's assistant. We are grateful to SberMedAI for their confidence in our product and we hope that our joint efforts will bring Russian healthcare to a qualitatively new level.
Ilya Plisko
General Director of the company LLC Care Mentor AI