Care Mentor AI Completes Registration of Computer Vision System for medical image Diagnostics

Care Mentor AI Completes Registration of Computer Vision System for medical image Diagnostics

The Skolkovo resident, Care Mentor AI, registered with Roszdravnadzor the software “Care Mentor AI neural network system” as a medical device (registration certificate dated 11.12.2020 No. RZN 2020/11137).

The computer vision system analyzes the medical image, determines the probabilities of pathologies and visualizes the findings. This mode allows doctors to more quickly focus on the "areas of interest" in radiological examinations, reduce the time for making the final diagnostic decision, and, as a result, increase personal efficiency and productivity. Care Mentor AI can be used to automate the diagnostic process across the department and the entire medical organization.

Ilya Plisko, CEO of Care Mentor AI: “For us, getting a registration certificate the first time and without refusals is a sign of great trust on the part of the state in AI services in general and in our system in particular. Now we can fully work with medical organizations, diagnostic centers, hospitals and clinics, and help doctors throughout the Russian Federation, removing some of the routine work from them. Our service automatically generates a doctor's worksheet with the prediction of pathologies."

The consistency of the system from a technical and functional point of view was proved during an experiment on the use of innovative technologies in the field of computer vision for the analysis of medical images, further application in the Moscow healthcare system, as well as during technical and clinical trials. After receiving a marketing authorization, Care Mentor AI is ready to scale its technologies, including at the federal level, as part of the implementation of a national project to digitalize healthcare.

Yulia Scheglova, project manager of the Skolkovo Foundation's Biomedical Technologies Cluster: “Obtaining a registration certificate from Roszdravnadzor is a major breakthrough for Care Mentor AI and another significant step towards digitalization of Russian medicine using artificial intelligence. The service of the Foundation's resident will become an indispensable assistant to radiologists, which is especially important during a pandemic. "