Care Mentor AI wins Novartis competition

Care Mentor AI wins Novartis competition
Care mentor AI will launch a pilot with Novartis

Care Mentor AI, a developer of neural network platforms for medical imaging diagnostics, won the Novartis acceleration program.

Care Mentor AI entered the TOP-3 winners of the competition, beating 159 applicants for a joint project with the transnational pharmaceutical company Novartis. Novartis International AG is the world's second largest pharmaceutical company and the second largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Europe. The company operates in 140 countries and is headquartered in Basel, Switzerland.

At the moment, Care Mentor AI and Novartis are jointly planning to implement projects for the use of computer vision services in such areas of medical image diagnostics as Mammography and CT to identify cancer. The companies also plan scientific cooperation on a product that will help radiologists not miss pathologies on an MRI of the brain.

Inna Moroz, CBDO: “For us, the pilot project with Novartis is a great honor and responsibility. We believe that it will be through joint efforts that it will be possible to bring Russian and world medicine to a new technological level. Those developments, which today seem to be fantastic technologies, will soon become an integral part of healthcare, and will help to more accurately and quickly diagnose even the most difficult cases. "