AUGUST 08, 2019
Care Mentor will attend IXX International Anatomy Congress - International Federation of Associations of Anatomists (IFAA) -in London
Head of Scientific Research, CMAI PhD in Medical Sciences, Dmitry Blinov, will give a report "Care Mentor AI as an effective assistant for a chest X-Ray interpretation» August 11 in the section "Radiological and digital anatomy".
Care Mentor AI will attend IXX International Congress of Anatomists in London

The main goal of participating in the International Congress of Anatomists in London is to present the scientific capabilities of our development, discuss the prospects for its use in the research process and training students of medical educational institutions.

Dmitry Blinov, Head of the CMAI Research Department, PhD in Medical Science, will deliver a report on "Care Mentor Artificial Intelligence as an effective assistant for a chest X-Ray interpretation" on August 10 in the section "Radiological and digital anatomy".

Artificial intelligence today is an extremely effective tool of scientific knowledge. It allows you to carry out complex analytical operations and manipulate virtually unlimited amounts of data at high speed. This is the combination of qualities that make neural networks indispensable in science and education. The goal of the Care Mentor AI network is that we have developed it not only to assist the radiologist to analyze lung radiographs. Bigger goal to be able to classify pathological changes in the chest organs at high accuracy, often superior to an experienced professional.

Our goals for participation are not limited to presentation of our achievements. We intend to:

1) Enter the E-Medical Education Expert Committee – the international team of Artificial Intelligence Decision Support System developers. Together we conduct joint scientific researches and plan to develop common standards for such systems in the global healthcare industry.

2) Organize international scientific collaborations to create neural network solutions for decoding MRI images and results of positron emission tomography.

Meet us at the event on August 11 at 2.30 p.m.
Section: "Digital Anatomy: The promises and pitfalls of digital learning resources for teaching the Anatomical Sciences".
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